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we’re here to fuck shit up.

ron looks like he is ready to kill someone but very confused why

I feel like the above statement is a very good summary of ronald weasley

thebestteacupischipped asked: four years ago. He's just more public about showcasing his tendancies to curse and "fuck you" attitude because he's ALLOWED to now. He's not under contact.

LOL I don’t care at all about him cursing or what he says for that matter.
The problem I have is him being drunk off his mind during a set (missing words and just being sloppy) and then not showing up to a meet and greet fans PAYED for.
I guess it’s really just opinion but I believe (as do many others) that he has changed in some ways.

take-a-walk-on-the-wild-sidee asked: I completely agree with you, and they need to get rid of their Merch guy ASAP such a dick. Billy can get kicked to the curb. Glad you're still sticking with them , they are definitely appreciative even if they don't do the best job showing it sometimes.


thebestteacupischipped asked: Have done that. He would've even been somewhat cool with the fact that someone was trying to mosh at a "Disney band". With the cursing, the obscenities are normal. The things Zach says around me when he's NOT drunk are equivalent just as much to those that he says drunk. He very well might've been drunk. His heart was in the right place. I'm sorry you had to see him like that, but he's ALWAYS been like that. Zach hasn't changed, he's just become more public. He's the same he was when I met him

thebestteacupischipped asked: I think you really took the situation and twisted it (or at least that one anon saying they don't love their fanbase anymore because we're all like 16). The reason Zach flipped out was because someone was trying to mosh during their set, and he was concerned about all the "16 year old"s safety. Even Cameron pitched in, saying, don't kick that girl. If he didn't love us or hated us because SOME of us are young, he wouldn't

Awkward how that’s not the situation that I was ever talking about. I wasn’t even at that date.
But just for the record… I don’t think he hates their fans because you guys are younger, I just think he hates the stereotype that their fans have.

take-a-walk-on-the-wild-sidee asked: And it was stupid that they didnt do the signing when they truly could have cause they were just hanging backstage the whole time while I was there with them. I hope you'll still give their new project a chance because the new music is really really good. All in all, it is still no excuse for their behavior towards some Of the fans that day. Everybody deserves a second chance right ? (:

Yeah canceling the signing was just a dick move and they knew they got money for the merch regardless so they used the rain as a cop out.
It’s good they were nice to you and your friends though! I know they’re nice guys. It’s just giving a drunk sloppy performance and bailing out on a signing fans PAYED for is what pissed me off.
I’m definitely going to stay with them for the new project! I love the sound and I’m excited for what’s to come. :)

take-a-walk-on-the-wild-sidee asked: he was definitely hungover haha I was talking with him and Anthony from AI a bunch on Saturday as well as cam and Mikey, they told me that they had all done a bunch of shots last night... they literally came backstage half naked. They were the same sweet guys and really made an effort to welcome my friends and my sister to warped because we had never been and stuff. They showed us around and were super helpful. It really sucks that they maybe weren't as friendly to fans outside that day,

Anonymous asked: Have any of you made the connection of Zach's change starting when his relationship became public?

Honestly, I can’t say either way because when their relationship became public I wasn’t even aware at the time because I wasn’t as into ASW as I used to be so I wasn’t on this blog to even know it became public or if Zachs behavior had changed at that exact time.

But I do think that Zach making his relationship public has to do with him not really caring about fans opinions or thoughts anymore.

wyld-flower asked: No, I completely understand! If Zach acted that way, I would be mad too. I think he's just stressed and wants to get allstar weekend over with because that phase of their life is over. Like Zach shouldn't be completely wasted on stage, but sometimes thats how people handle things, ya know?

Yeah I understand!! Im sure theres reason behind it, it was just annoying and definitely disappointing.

deaddaffodils asked: i went to warped west palm and orlando and zach was definitely wasted in west palm. his performance was sloppy and he forgot the lyrics and everything. also, same goes for cameron when it comes to being sloppy. i was backstage for them in orlando and cameron was literally on his phone and late for his intro and he didnt even care. when i was backstage and they turned around,, their faces went from smiles to annoyed looks, as if they hated performing

Yes exactlyyy
& wow :/ I can’t say I’m suprised by any of that but it’s definitely sad to hear they acted like that. It’s yet again,disappointing.

wyld-flower asked: I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience with them the other day :( I went to warped yesterday in Orlando and he was like yelling at this kid from stage because he was being an asshole kicking girls and what not. But other than that, Zach looked happy and like he was having a genuine time. Maybe he just had a lot on his mind in West Palm.

Aw see that’s the Zach I remember, actually caring about fans and actually being into the music hes singing. I’m pretty sure (as are my friends and the girls around me during the set) that Zach was wasted during our set in West Palm and that alone was disrespectful to the fans that had just gotten POURED on and stood in a pit with nasty brown water up to our ankles for an hour waiting for them. That and them ending the signing for no reason just rubbed me the wrong way. I know Zach is and can be a good guy!

Anonymous asked: Honestly, all I want is the old Zach Porter back. And I hope when the new project starts, that happens.

Yeah, in hoping that with the new project some of his enthusiasm and him actually caring will come back.

In no way am I trying to hate on Zach, because that’s not the case at all. I guess its just that myself and clearly many other fans are just disappointed with how he’s been.